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      Our Sincerest and Most Profound Greetings!

    Statefields School, since its birth in 2000, has always been dedicated to and steadfast in the development of its students' Multiple Intelligences, mental faculties, positive values and strength in character. These noble goals have been realized through the sustained deliberate and persevering efforts of all the members of the management, faculty and staff.
     Needless to say, we take pride in our graduates who have intrinsically imbibed in their selves the capability, confidence, desire and will to continuously strive for excellence, exemplify a growth mindset, and live productively and significantly. We would like, therefore, to thank all the stakeholders and members of the community for continuously believing in and being supportive of us. 
     We thank as well the parents who have chosen Statefields School to be the second home to their children. Rest assured that we shall continue and persist to promote, protect and serve your children's well-being and interest.
                                                                                             Daniel O. Castillo

    For the past years, Statefields School has been faithful to its commitment of offering quality education to the students. It has built a reputation for nurturing a culture of excellence. To ensure that this culture will be sustained, the school applied for PAASCU accreditation. In the process of preparation and self-examination, the management, teachers and staff learned so much in the areas of administration, curriculum, instruction, faculty and student services. Many aspects that needed improvement were given attention, time and budget. All these efforts are geared towards student learning.
   The PAASCU experience yielded positive results. It brought out unity, patience, determination, and collaboration of the school officers, teachers and staff. The students also showed how well they make use of their multiple intelligences. It was obvious that everyone worked as a team. SSI showed that challenges are easily handled when there is synergy, when each one exerts unli-efforts because of growth mind set, and when everybody prayed as one family.
      As Dr. John Maxwell says, "It takes team work to make the dream work. The level of your team should be equal to the level of your dream."                                   
                                                                                              Perla A. Zotomayor, Ed. D.
                                                                                               Adviser for Academic Affairs &    
                                                                                              Founding Principal


Payment Scheme

For your convenience, we accept many schemes of payment. Please view the options available by downloading it in our Homepage (Downloads button) or visit our Fb page for more details. Thank you.

Senior High School Change of Strand



We would encourage students (JHS completers) wanting to enroll in HUMMS or ABM to opt for GAS instead just for the SY 2016-17, based on Dep Ed Guidelines. All students regardless of their strand, are required to take up the same CORE and APPLIED subjects in Senior High School.

We shall offer electives in HUMMS and ABM in SY 2016-17. Next SY 2017-18, students may transfer to ABM and HUMMS or any strand they wish to take, without prejudicing their status.

Bro. Armin Luistro, Dep Ed. Secretary, emphasized during his talk in the Philippine Education Conference and Expo held in SMX Convention Center last December 2 and 3, 2015, that SHS graduates in any track or strand are QUALIFIED to enroll in college in any program or bachelor’s degree. Thus, a student who took Tech Voc track in SHS, may also enroll in college without being asked to repeat or take some subjects in SHS.


Dr. Perla A. Zotomayor

Ms. Tes A. Guadarrama

Statefields Senior High School Preparation Committee

13 January 2016

Official SSI AVP

Know more about Statefields School. View our Official SSI AVP by clicking on the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpNsnC1QAM0

Enrolment schedule

Books, supplies and uniform available on Apr 15

Please be informed that the selling of books, school supplies and uniform will start on April 15, 2016. Thank you.

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Statefields School is SENIOR HIGH READY!  Please visit us for more details on our SHS Offering.

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