Statefields School anchors its curriculum on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, believing that intelligence covers not only linguistic and mathematical skills, but also interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, musical, and bodily kinesthetic intelligences. It likewise recognizes the development of the positive values of learners such as Faith in the Creator, Love for One’s Country, Respect for Self and Others, Productivity, Responsibility and Perseverance, and Collaboration and Commitment to One’s Work as an integral part of its curriculum. The school aims to provide total quality education through a pursuit of academic excellence and through the collaboration with the home.
       The school aims to develop life–long learners for global competitiveness, thus, making them productive members of the country and the world.

8 Multiple Intelligences

WORD SMART (Linguistic Intelligence)

                     They effectively use language, spoken or   written,  to express themselves confidently. They effectively use the language that manifests their pride in being a Filipino and share their rich cultural heritage in a multicultural environment.

NUMBER SMART (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)

                  They are systematic and organized. They use numbers effectively and they show proficiency in categorization, classification, inferencing, generalization, calculation and hypothesis testing. They manifest a good grasp of thinking logically and creatively promoting a proactive and peaceful response to resolving conflicts.

PICTURE SMART (Spatial Intelligence)

                   They efficiently use their sensitivity to color, line, shape, form and space to contribute to the improvement and beautification of their environment.

BODY SMART (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

                  They have a keen sense of body awareness. They have coordination, balance, dexterity, flexibility and speed. They purposely and actively commit themselves to being productive and being helpful to others.

MUSIC SMART (Musical Intelligence)
                     They show sensitivity to sounds in their environment. They demonstrate an appreciation of music from different cultures. They are able to express themselves using various musical instruments and genres at the same time promote the richness of Philippine culture.

PEOPLE SMART (Interpersonal Intelligence)

                      They show collaboration in building a culture of professionalism and excellence. They have the ability to understand people from different cultures, promote the welfare of others, and respect different viewpoints. They are honest and collaborative. They respect the rights and properties of others.

SELF SMART (Intrapersonal Intelligence)

                       They have a deep understanding of themselves. They learn from their mistakes. They are strong willed, self-confident and committed to their work. They show initiative and accept responsibility for their own actions. Their understanding of themselves allows them to co-exist peacefully with people from different walks of life. They use evaluation and feedback for growth.

NATURE SMART (Naturalistic Intelligence)
                        They demonstrate a passion and sensitivity to care for nature. They promote an affinity and respect for all living beings and the natural environment.

8 Positive Values

Faith in the Creator - We commit ourselves to develop a personal relationship with our Creator through collaboration of the home, the school and the community. We live our lives to exemplify the teachings of our faith.

Love for one’s country - We treasure our Filipino traditions and values to promote with pride the richness of our culture. We express our sensitivity to social and cultural diversity within a global society.

Respect for self and others - We work with respect for our individual differences. Regardless of creed, race, gender, and personality, we respect and appreciate each other’s point of view, contributions and successes.

Productivity, Responsibility and Perseverance - We believe that all things are achieved through diligence and determination. We believe that taking responsibility for our actions will help us realize our dreams. We are committed to providing opportunities for leadership to improve and sustain our growth and productivity.

Collaboration & Commitment to one's work -  We recognize and value the distinct personalities of our peers, however, we believe that we can only show our strength and prosper if we are unified by way of our supporting, encouraging and assisting each other to attain our vision of a culture of excellence.

Concern for others - We recognize that people are the foundation of our success. We play an active role in projects or activities that help make our community and country a better place to live and work in. We show concern for the marginalized and even for those needing emotional support.

Self-Discipline & Orderliness - We believe that we can improve ourselves, design our future and train ourselves to be future movers of society by the choices we make each day. Our self-control, self-restraint, self-reliance and independence help us to sort and put order into our lives which will provide solutions to our problems.

Integrity and Honesty -  We demand from others and ourselves the highest ethical standards and commit ourselves to a culture of excellence. Honesty should be demonstrated at all times in all circumstances.

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