Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures


Parents will receive a letter notifying them that reservation payments are already being accepted for the following school year. This is done to confirm if parents are still interested to enroll their child/ren in SSI, so as to give new students a chance to study in SSI.

Old Students
1 Reservation is done after the receipt of the reservation letter. Letters will be given to parents through their child/ren class advisers.
2 Class advisers or students should submit all signed reply slips to the Registrar's Office for monitoring and report generation. This will be the basis for academic and administrative plans for the next school year.
3 Parents are to pay a reservation fee of Php 500.00 to retain the slot of their child for the next school year, as required in the agreement form filled out before the enrollment.
4 Slots for students whose parents failed to reserve will still be made available, until such time that the projected number of students for the next school year is met; otherwise, replacements for these students will be done.
New Students
1 New students can automatically fill out and pay for the reservation fee of Php 500.00 upon receiving a notification from the Guidance office that the student-applicant passed the SSI entrance test.
2 Students whose notifications fall on or after the enrollment schedule could pay the tuition fee directly to the cashier.

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