Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures


Before the end of the school year, Statefields School, Inc. will announce the Schedule of reservations and Enrollment of students in the different levels for the next school year. This shall be posted in the Bulletin Board and will be announced through the School Parent Interlink (SPI). Parents/Guardians are obliged to make the reservations and enroll their children based on the fixed schedule dates of enrollment to be assured of the slot for the next school year. In the event of failure to comply with the requirements, SSI reserves the right to open the available slots to the new students and deny the enrollment of its former students who failed to pay the Reservation Fee as scheduled. No extension or refund of the Reservation Fee will be granted to any Parent/Guardian after the end of the Reservation period and/or Enrollment period by SSI.

At the school’s discretion, reservation fees of those students with unpaid accounts at the end of the school year will be credited to his / her remaining balance; thus, his / her slot will automatically be opened to qualified waitlisted student


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