Our Curriculum

The Elementary School Department of Statefields School aims to achieve the following for the students:
  • Skills in computing with considerable speed and accuracy, estimating, communicating, thinking analytically and critically, and applying these skills in solving problems in daily life.
  • Access the varied information and use them creatively and meaningfully in spoken and written forms; high level of proficiency and reading, listening, speaking and writing; integration of concepts, contents, and skills learned; appreciation for literary works and cultural heritage.
  • Scientific and technological skills and concepts; satisfaction of one’s curiosity about their immediate environment through exploration and discovery; ability to manipulate and use laboratory equipment in simple science activities to solve problems
  • Positive values and strong character through a clear understanding of one's faith
  • Basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Filipino; use of appropriate grammar and vocabulary in expressing one’s ideas, opinions and feelings; use of critical and creative thinking in writing and in oral expression
  • Love for one’s country through understanding and appreciation of Philippine culture, history, government, geography; develop national pride for things that are Filipino; understanding one’s rights as a Filipino citizen; positive attitude towards one’ duties and obligations as a citizen; awareness of local issues and use of critical thinking in analyzing and addressing these issues, such as: environment, poverty, peace and order, terrorism, acquisition of map reading skills and use of globe; and awareness and respect for cultural diversities.
  • Desirable work and entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, habits, and values that contribute to an effective, meaningful, family and community living
  • Sports and other physical skills that help develop strong and sound body through well-directed physical education activities.
  • Sensitivity to and appreciation for good music towards self – expression through song and/or musical instruments
  • Skills in the basic care, maintenance, and use of the computer; computer skills that can be utilized for research: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other basic computer programs
  • Creativity in visual expression and use of various media for art work
  • An understanding and appreciation of the arts, whether visual, musical or performing arts, and appropriately use these skills in expressing their ideas and individuality
  • Simple research skills through the use of multimedia (print and non-print materials) technology



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