Our Curriculum

The Junior High School Department of Statefields School aims to achieve the following for its students:                                                              
  • Skills in assessing, evaluating, and using relevant information to meet their varied needs, thus, enabling them to adapt and to respond flexibility to a rapidly changing world; advanced listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in appreciation for literature resulting in deeper understanding of the ideas, experiences, cultures, customs and traditions (comparison of Filipino, English, American Asian, Roman and Greek literature with regards to literary genre, tone, cultural values and content)
  • Accuracy and speed in solving, computing, and calculating problems that involve higher mathematics; correct estimation, logical analysis, and accurate date interpretation; visualization of abstract mathematical ideas; and ability to present alternative solutions to problems using technology and applying them in real-life situation
  • Understanding scientific concepts and laws in the areas of general science and physical science and using this knowledge in conducting investigatory projects and other methods of scientific inquiry manipulation of and care for basic scientific equipment and apparatus skillfully and effectively in conducting science learning activities
  • Understanding one’s faith and witnessing this faith in one’s positive life through words and actions
  • Comprehension and critical analysis of great classic Filipino literary works: Ibong Adarna, Florante at Laura, Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo; Acquisition of advance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in both Filipino and English
  • Perspective in looking at social, national, global, and environmental issues by understanding world history, culture, government system, geography and economics.
  • Understanding of musical theories and concepts; appreciation for classical or fine music(proper behavior watching or listening during a musical concert or production)
  • Basic knowledge and application of freehand, painting and other forms of visual art; appreciation for art works of great artists and using appropriate medium for artistic expression
  • Agility, flexibility, and coordination in playing major sports and performing dances from different cultures.
  • Relevant and functional skills in cooking, sewing, woodwork or carpentry, metal work, electronics, drafting, electrical work acquiring the discipline for exactness, precision, and perseverance; appreciation and positive attitude towards manual tasks; development of basic entrepreneurship skills
  • Ability to use current software applications applying current programming languages and utilization of the Internet for research and for worthwhile communication



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