Our Curriculum

Statefields School, Inc. dedicates itself to the formation of students to become:

Learners who:

  • strive for excellence and aspire for global competency;
  • develop and practice positive values;
  • demonstrate a love for life-long learning and a desire to achieve a    better quality of life;
  • recognize and develop their multiple intelligences working on the achievement of their goals;
  • care for the environment

Filipino citizens who:

  • foster their love for their country through active community involvement and servant leadership;
  • effectively use modern technology in search for truth and valuable   information that meets the challenges and demands of the 21st century;
  • have a strong faith in our Creator and personify their faith through service to others;
  • have the initiative, creativity, and perseverance to engage in entrepreneurial efforts and find their own pathway to prosperity

K to 12 graduates should be able to:

  1. Produce all forms of texts (e.g. written, oral, visual, digital) based on:

    1. Solid grounding on Philippine experience and culture;
    2. An understanding of the self, community and nation;
    3. Application of critical and creative thinking and doing processes;
    4. Competency in formulating ideas/arguments logically, scientifically, and creatively; and
    5. Clear appreciation of one’s responsibility as a citizen of a multicultural Philippines and a diverse world.
  2. Systematically apply knowledge, understanding, theory and skills for the development of the self, local and global communities using prior learning, inquiry and experimentation;

  3. Work comfortably with relevant technologies and develop adaptations and innovations for significant use in local and global communities;

  4. Communicate with local and global communities with proficiency, orally, in writing and through new technologies of communication; and,

  5. Interact meaningfully in a social setting and contribute to the fulfillment of individual and shared goals, respecting the fundamental humanity of all persons and the diversity of groups and communities.


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