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Discipline, Student Affairs, Safety & Security

A. On Discipline

  • ORIENTATION - Students are well-oriented on the General Code of Conduct, Standards for Routines and Discipline system pertaining to official time in school, mobilizations and gatherings, attendance and punctuality, school uniform and ID, grooming, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, communication and dissemination of information and department in the various areas in the campus
  • INFORMATION - Students are highly-informed of prohibitions on fraternities and sororities, bringing of large amounts of cash, cellphones and electronic devices to school, eating inside the classroom, and smoking, drinking and drug-use in the campus
  • PROPER EXPOSURE - Students are exposed to preventive and formative discipline based on love and pro-active strategies that ensure their strict adherence and compliance to existing School Policies

B. On Student Activities

  • M.I. BASED ACTIVITIES - Various activities programmed and held to enhance and develop the multiple intelligences of our students
  • CLUB, VARSITIES & OTHER PROGRAMS - Among these activities are those conducted by Interest and Institutional clubs, Varsity and Performing Arts teams and those in conjunction with outreach programs, social functions, field trips, spiritual, team-building, Saturday and Summer Pleasure activities


C. On Safety and Security

  • I.D., PERMITS & PASSES - Safety and security of students are ensured through the use of coded ID’s to determine mode of going home, Authority to Fetch ID for parents and guardians, Gate Passes for activities done beyond school hours, and Departure Permits
  • SECURITY & SAFETY PERSONNEL - Deployment and visibility of security personnel are maintained at all times within the campus for the following: proctoring of students during lunch, recess and gatherings, assisting in the vicinity of parking areas for the safe and easy loading and unloading of students
    and their things, and along Molino Road to ease traffic in front of the school and provide assistance to students crossing the street
  • OTHERS - Requirement of Photo ID’s for all employees, installation of an alarm system, issuance of stickers to authorized vehicles and conduct of searches at the gate. CCTV cameras are installed in key locations to monitor student activity and surveillance of the whole school

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