Our Services

a. on Guidance and Counseling

  • STUDENT ORIENTATION - Held at the start of the school year to make them aware of the different services offered and to reinforce optimum learning and holistic development of each student
  • ASSESSMENT TOOLS - Administered to the students to identify and evaluate their abilities, achievement levels, reading interests, vocation, inclinations and personality orientation
  • RECORDS - An organized and comprehensive record is maintained on the students’ family and scholastic background, psychological test results and significant incidents in life
  • STUDIES & INTERPRETATION - Continuous studies are undertaken to derive meaningful interpretations and interrelations of various information from psychological testing profiles, counseling, training and other services
  • INDIVIDUAL & GROUP COUNSELING - Developmental, formative and preventive counseling is done, either individually or by group, to help students achieve optimum growth as persons capable of self-direction and sound decision-making
  • GROUP GUIDANCE - Conducted in collaboration with homeroom advisers through a series of structured learning experiences and group dynamic activities anchored on the development of core values and multiple intelligences of students
  • CAREER TALK - Career guidance and placement are extended to the Third Year and Fourth Year students to prepare them and facilitate their admission to top colleges and universities as well as to provide them deeper understanding of their options for choosing college courses, educational advancement and career decision-making
b. on Trainings and Collaborations

  • SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS - A series of seminars and workshops are given to students, parents, faculty, staff and caregivers suited to the type of people they cater to in order to update them with the prevailing pressing problems and the most feasible solutions, and to provide them new ideas for additional knowledge and enhanced productivity
  • CLUB - The peer facilitators’ club aims to train and equip students who can be qualified to serve as peer counselors with helping skills, techniques and proper attitude to be able to effectively provide assistance to fellow students
  • COLLABORATION OF HOME & SCHOOL - Parent-school collaboration aims to foster solidarity and collaboration between the school and parents in working on their shared aims at making our students achieve optimum growth and development as individuals
  • SUPPORT GROUP - Established among students with similar concerns to share and learn strategies and skills from each other and effectively deal with their concerns together

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