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a. on Academic Records

  • COMPLETE & UPDATED-  Record of entry data and grades of students are well-maintained for easy access, retrieval and printing whenever needed to monitor and evaluate student performance, to release transfer or exit credentials to students and to make revisions or improvements on curricular offerings and academic programs
  • DOCUMENTS & FORMS- Documents such as the Forms 137 and 138 or certified copies, recommendations to special science schools or colleges, government recognition certificate, transfer certificate or any kind of certificates such as those for enrollment, candidacy for graduation, for ranking or for honors
b. on Admission and Enrollment

  • SYSTEMATIC COMPUTER SYSTEM- Computerized system of admission and enrollment is used which allows easy coordination with other departments and offices in the school
  • I.D. PROVISION- speedy production of I.D. of enrolled students is ensured through the use of the school’s ID-making machine and digital camera
c. on Transactions

  • PREPARED FORMS- functionally efficient procedures and pro-forma forms are utilized for fast and smooth transactions with students and/or parents

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